Getting out of an abusive relationship can be hard and even dangerous.  There is help available, however, none of the resources listed here replace the help of a qualified psychotherapist.  Most do not advertise help with RTS (Religious Trauma Syndrome, yes its a thing), however any solid therapist is trained to recognize abuse and trauma.


Warning Signs:  Am I in a cult?/Am I a cult leader?

Journey Free:  Online RTS support group

Recovering From Religion This website has a wealth of resources, including a Hotline and Live Chat, when you need to talk to someone who understands RIGHT NOW.

ExChristian:  Forum for reading stories from survivors and online chat.  Best feature:  write and submit your own story!  The regular members will give positive feedback, emotional support and invaluable advice.  Trolls, be warned:  they will have you for lunch.


Leaving the Fold by Dr. Marlene Winell Ph.D.

Trusting Doubt by Dr. Valerie Tarico Ph.D.


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