My Crazy Vasectomy Story

You just have to read this story… Stay tuned for the follow-up…

Life After 40

sperm-eggAfter my fourth child was born, I was pretty earnest about making a trip to the doctor for a vasectomy. I love all my kids! But I felt that after number 4, we had our hands full and our financial resources were already strained to the breaking point. My wife was adamant about me NOT having a vasectomy. She didn’t want to close that door. “Wasn’t God in control of blessing us with children if He chooses?”, she said. “No, it’s a matter of biology. Ya know, that whole sperm and egg thing getting together?”, was my response.

Since she was very passionate about her position, and she vowed that we would follow birth control while she focused on her health, I didn’t do anything. But less than 2 years later, that whole sperm and egg thing happened. She was pregnant with number 5.

If you’re a parent, you know…

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