Addendum to My Crazy Vasectomy Story

Here it is…

Life After 40

tubestiedWhen I wrote my post called My Crazy Vasectomy Story at the beginning of this year, I never imagined I’d have something interesting to add to it. But I do.

My doctor who performed the procedure way back in 1998 was great. In fact, I wish all doctors had the bedside manners and pleasant disposition that he demonstrated.

james-brownI hadn’t seen him since. Until today. I setup an appointment to see him regarding a urology related matter and during my visit, I asked him if he remembers the male nurse who looked like famed soul singer, James Brown. “Of course!”, he said. “Thomas still works here in a department upstairs. I’ve always enjoyed joking with him.”

“Well let me share one of the crazy things that happened after I got home from my procedure back in 1998…”, and I then proceeded to share the short version of my story

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